The English Department

B.Ed in English teaching for Grades 4-10

Head of Department: Dr. Frances Sokel

Building a New Generation of Professional English Teachers

The B.Ed. program is an academic professional training program for new English teachers for elementary schools and schools in the upper division. English courses and practice teaching comprise one component of the double-major academic degree and/or English teaching certificate.

Faculty members, who bring a wide range of professional and academic experience to both programs, demonstrate sensitivity, professional guidance and support to our students.

The English Program includes academic and practical components required for the double-major B.Ed. degree and/or Certificate for Teaching English for Grades 4-10.

The English study program includes regular and online courses in five areas of study for which students are enrolled in view of personal and college considerations. Required: 34 annual credit hours.

Proficiency6-8 semester courses 
Literature6-8 semester courses
Linguistics6-8 semester courses
Educational Linguistics10-12 semester courses and one yearly seminar course
Methodology3 semester courses


Practice Teaching: Students complete four semesters of practical field work of one day a week, entailing structured and supervised teaching. Help and support are provided throughout the experience. Personal requests and college considerations are taken into account in placing students in schools.

English Department Goals:  Students will acquire the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to teach English effectively through a structured college program of studies and guided practice in local schools.

Name  Program Home Telepone  Mobile Phone Email
Head of Department
Dr. Fran Sokel .B.Ed. & M.Ed 04-8780028 054-5868992
Ms. Devorah Amar .B.Ed 050-5950707
Dr. Tamar Aviad .B.Ed. & M.Ed 04-8424760 054-4724849
Dr. Idit Avram .B.Ed 054-6617581
Dr. James Backer .M.Ed 04-6939338 050-6697982
Ms. Rivka Bar-Hama .B.Ed 04-8712080 052-5447782
Dr. Zehava Bigman 04-8324237 050-7948769
Ms. Bracha Deutcher .B.Ed 052-7382181
Dr. Stephanie Glick .B.Ed. & M.Ed 050-5506059
Ms. Chani Hadad .B.Ed 08-9790192 054-6266373
Ms. Tzipi Hess .B.Ed 04-8326750 052-6889473
Dr. Susan Joffe .B.Ed 054-7848198
Dr. Maya Merlob .B.Ed 052-4553554
Dr. Dina Orenstein .M.Ed
Dr. Naomi Roffman .B.Ed 04-8256180 054-6709601
Dr. Fran Sokel .B.Ed. & M.Ed 04-9983182 054-5868992
Dr. Emmy Leah Zitter .M.Ed 02-9990118 054-7566592

If you are considering English, please contact the Head of the English Department, Dr. Fran Sokel.  

We will invite you to come for an interview and a written Entrance Exam. Based on the results, we will tell you if you are eligible for the English program.

Dr. Fran Sokel


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